Fitness Subscription Box


As you know, I am totally a box subscription junkie and love getting monthly goodies. I have tried out mostly beauty box subscriptions such as Birchbox, Ipsy, Boxycharm, Glossybox, and more! Well guys, what a surprise to find out there is a whole other world of box subscriptions that I have been missing out on. I have recently been introduced to Ellie, a monthly athletic and workout box subscription that ships a curated selection of 3 active wear pieces and 2 accessories/equipment pieces. Well in case you haven’t heard, Ellie is introducing a new option for August.

Ellie box is now available in two great options for subscribers! Subscribers can select Ellie’s traditional box of 5 items (3 active wear and two accessories/equipment) for Ellie’s NEW box of 3 items (3 active wear items, no accessories/equipment). 

I am a total sucker for this because not only does it feel like Christmas every time I get a package BUT I get fitness related items to keep me focused on going to the gym. Who doesn't want to be motivated with a new outfit!

See below for what came in the mail for me.


How cute is this rose gold draw string bag. Now I match with my Fitbit band that I got on Amazon :) I also love that it has a front zip pocket so I can separate my stuff as opposed to just throwing everything together. Nice touch I will say. 

The sports bra is from Bally Total Fitness, I like that it has cup pads that are removable for those that don't need the extra boost (not me, give me more) and I LOVE the design of the sports bra. There is a criss cross back as well as a stretchable front design. The material itself is very comfortable, it states that the bra is a Dry Wik Finish and Moisture Performance Liner. Not sure what that means but I like that it is very seamless so it's super comfy.



The shirt is from Marika, which also states it has Dry Wik material and this shirt has a tag with a definition yay. Dry Wik fabric pulls sweat away from the skin to the surface of the fabric for evaporation, which allows you to be comfortable, cool and dry throughout your workout. (Testing that theory on cardio day) This shirt too also has a cool design in the back that is very stretchy. I think the shirt may be a little big for me but then again it may be better that it is loose and comfortable. It came in a bright poppy color shirt which is def out of my comfort zone of black, black and more black but not complaining. 



The last item in my Ellie box is a really cute pair of Heather Black (calling my name) workout pants from Zobha. I think this is my favorite item so far as it has a nice design down the leg that shows a little skin. The material is super nice and comfortable that I kinda want to sleep in them, though I am pretty sure that is frowned upon since you are expected to be ACTIVE in active wear. Overall I am happy with my subscription and curious to see what is in their next box.


 Ellie’s traditional box of 5 items (3 active wear and two accessories/equipment) is $49.95 or you can try Ellie’s NEW box of 3 items (3 active wear items, no accessories/equipment) for $39.95. This is such a great option for those who are eager to try out Ellie for the first time or those on a budget.

If you haven't checked them out, you can follow them on IG here and if you want to learn more about signing up for your own subscription box, you can visit their website Ellie and sign up here. Don't forget to use my promo code for 15% off SASHA15 


Tough Mudder Half 2017

I am so excited to share my Tough Mudder experience this weekend. Amanda and I had decided to sign up for Tough Mudder a month after we had completed our Ice Climbing Trip, we really wanted to push ourselves and stumbled upon Tough Mudder. Since we had never done something like this before, we picked Tough Mudder Half for our first experience. Tough Mudder Half is a 5+ mile fun filled 13 obstacle course that not only challenges you but focuses on team work to complete the course.

Of course, me being the way I am, I decided to go hard at the gym for the next couple months before our show time, July 23rd and also got a pair of Tough Mudder sneakers to really get in the right mindset. I had no idea what to expect, there is only so much google searches you can do but I will tell you this, it was SO MUCH FUN! As much as I am limping, rolling out of bed, and covered in bruises I will totally do it again. My plan is actually to sign up for Tough Mudder 10 Mile course as well as Spartan Race so I have a full year to get my body and mind ready.                                                                

See below some photos from the event as well as a video recorded on my Go Pro Hero Session. I didn’t record the entire race as I had only a 16 GB memory card but I was able to get footage of most of the obstacles we participated in!

30% off your Tough Mudder Half Ticket – TMHLITMH17

Pushing through the doubt

When I first had the idea of starting a blog, I went through the many stages of back and forth doubt. I kept thinking this is going to be hard, this isn’t possible. NYC is so hard to break out in the crowd. I already had so much on my plate, did I really want to add another thing. I kept giving myself excuses to not get this up and running until one day my best friend told me..

“Except it's not hard and totally possible. It's just a lot of work but it's possible! You need to take blogging like driving at night cross country. You started in NYC and need to get to California, but it's dark and you can only see about 10-15 feet ahead of you. You know where you want to end up. but you aren't too sure which exact roads are next (there's no GPS stop thinking of google). So you drive and eventually you'll hit California. Just don't stop driving.”

That was a total kick in the butt and I told myself I am going to start reading this every day I get writers block, every day matt throws a tantrum, every day I have to wake up at 4am for an early morning gig, every day I am looking at my bank account and I am not where I want to be.

Photo by Luis Llerena

Photo by Luis Llerena

This goes for anyone and everyone’s passion. You can’t give up, as hard as it may seem, as easy as it may feel to lay under the covers, it’s going to be harder to get out of bed every time you do it. It’s like the snooze button, every time you hit it, you feel more tired, grumpier, but if you just got up the first time, you would get an early start to your day, you will feel more energized as you start moving and you will accomplish more. Don’t hit the snooze button on life. 

Easier said than done. I know! I think if we just try and make an effort we will see a difference, a change and that's all we can do...try

Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything - all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way to know to avoid the trap of thinking that you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.
— Steve Jobs



Being a New Yorker, we are all too familiar with the different ways of transportation. For a city that never sleeps, we are always on the move and wherever we are headed, we have to get there QUICK. When I am not relying on the MTA, my choice is riding with Lyft. If I had a preference over the two, I would always choose to ride solo. Before heading anywhere, I always check Google Maps to see what gives me the quickest route between the two and compare prices. If heading home by MTA takes me an hour for estimate $3 OR $12 for 20 minutes, I won't mind the price jump just to get somewhere on time. Yes you can argue that I could always leave ahead of time to fit in that hour of transportation for the cheaper price tag but that's an hour underground not being connected and with everything that I do, I need to stay connected but we will get to being glued to the phone in a later post ;)

There are mornings where typical train routine with my son leaves me stopping every block to calm him down, pick him up, look at something he is pointing out to, or running into a near by bathroom before a potty training accident occurs. Moments like this, Lyft has saved me from hectic mornings. There are just some days I need a Lyft and I have noticed comparing it to Uber, the drivers are nicer, safer (I have almost gotten into two accidents in an Uber), and the rides are cheaper. Lyft Line has a promo going in the city for another two weeks giving you $5 rides anywhere south of 97th in Manhattan, Uber has the same deal...for $10. Why they wont match the price beats me but it's just another reason why I ride with Lyft.

For that I am excited to join the Lyft Ambassador program and promote my blog by offering my readers a ride on me!

Click photo to download Lyft

Click photo to download Lyft

This code is valid for first time Lyft riders. Be sure to enter the code after you download the app, before you request your ride. You must activate it before hand to avoid losing the coupon. I ride in NYC but Lyft is quickly building and driving in a city near you.

Beside riding with Lyft, I hear there are some great benefits to Driving for Lyft as well. If I had a car (and a license would help) I would test this as well since you create your own schedule, get paid well and typically are your own boss. You keep your own tips, can make up to $35 an hour and more during peak hours, and decide when you want to drive. If you are a freelancer and waiting between jobs or just want to make extra money on the side, it doesn't hurt to look into it. Luckily I have a promo code for you that gives you an additional cash bonus if you get accepted. Lyft Driver Referral Code - Apply Here

Another tip, when they ask you during interview process if you would rather be a fruit or vegetable, be sure to say fruit - particularly a tomato so you can pose as a vegetable. Good luck!

Tell me, who do you ride with? Lyft vs Uber

Morning Routine with my Samsung Galaxy

As with everyone now and days, my phone never leaves my hand. If it does, it’s a rare occasion or I'm being told to just enjoy the moment. That's not to say that I can't let go of my phone, it's just that I've come into a routine that's hard to break. That and I work a lot. Forget makeup routine, here's how my daily morning routine is with my phone.

Wake up
Check Snapchat Cosmo
Instagram scroll through
Facebook scroll through

Elite Daily article scroll through
Today's feature - What Saying 'I Love You' Means at Every Stage in Your Relationship -

Get out of bed
Turn on Spotify shuffle

Wash face
Brush teeth, Checking Temptu emails

Turn on Glamcor Brilliant mirror, checking personal emails

Do my eye makeup,
Airbrush face, checking makeup business emails

Throw my hair up, in a ponytail, bun or out of my face.

Get dressed, checking blog business emails.

At this point my son wakes up and that's when I put my phone to charge up after so much morning activity. Once he's dressed and ready, phone is in my hand and we're walking out to take the train to daycare. After drop off, it's back on the phone setting up Spotify while walking to the train to head to work.

I scroll through Elite Daily again pulling up at least a few articles in my Web browser tab so I have a couple things to read on the ride to work. After this, my mind is so wired and the music is just right, that I can prep for a blog post. I'm on my phone notes writing up ideas or paragraphs to add to a later post. It's the few times I have to myself and the best time to write.

Out of the train, I'm pulling up my Starbucks card on the phone ready to scan and then walking to work with a belly full and a busy head.  Once entering Temptu, phone is back on the charger and headphone jack goes into my speakers on the desktop to set up Pandora.

I won't lie and say I'm not occasionally checking my phone during the day, more so when I'm in meetings as I'm usually pulling up emails for reference or responding to work emails. After my morning routine, I'm content enough not to go through social media sites and keep the focus on work.

When I say this is my morning every day, I mean it. Are you stuck on your phone? Do you have your own routine? Comment below

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