Being a New Yorker, we are all too familiar with the different ways of transportation. For a city that never sleeps, we are always on the move and wherever we are headed, we have to get there QUICK. When I am not relying on the MTA, my choice is riding with Lyft. If I had a preference over the two, I would always choose to ride solo. Before heading anywhere, I always check Google Maps to see what gives me the quickest route between the two and compare prices. If heading home by MTA takes me an hour for estimate $3 OR $12 for 20 minutes, I won't mind the price jump just to get somewhere on time. Yes you can argue that I could always leave ahead of time to fit in that hour of transportation for the cheaper price tag but that's an hour underground not being connected and with everything that I do, I need to stay connected but we will get to being glued to the phone in a later post ;)

There are mornings where typical train routine with my son leaves me stopping every block to calm him down, pick him up, look at something he is pointing out to, or running into a near by bathroom before a potty training accident occurs. Moments like this, Lyft has saved me from hectic mornings. There are just some days I need a Lyft and I have noticed comparing it to Uber, the drivers are nicer, safer (I have almost gotten into two accidents in an Uber), and the rides are cheaper. Lyft Line has a promo going in the city for another two weeks giving you $5 rides anywhere south of 97th in Manhattan, Uber has the same deal...for $10. Why they wont match the price beats me but it's just another reason why I ride with Lyft.

For that I am excited to join the Lyft Ambassador program and promote my blog by offering my readers a ride on me!

Click photo to download Lyft

Click photo to download Lyft

This code is valid for first time Lyft riders. Be sure to enter the code after you download the app, before you request your ride. You must activate it before hand to avoid losing the coupon. I ride in NYC but Lyft is quickly building and driving in a city near you.

Beside riding with Lyft, I hear there are some great benefits to Driving for Lyft as well. If I had a car (and a license would help) I would test this as well since you create your own schedule, get paid well and typically are your own boss. You keep your own tips, can make up to $35 an hour and more during peak hours, and decide when you want to drive. If you are a freelancer and waiting between jobs or just want to make extra money on the side, it doesn't hurt to look into it. Luckily I have a promo code for you that gives you an additional cash bonus if you get accepted. Lyft Driver Referral Code - Apply Here

Another tip, when they ask you during interview process if you would rather be a fruit or vegetable, be sure to say fruit - particularly a tomato so you can pose as a vegetable. Good luck!

Tell me, who do you ride with? Lyft vs Uber