Morning Routine with my Samsung Galaxy

As with everyone now and days, my phone never leaves my hand. If it does, it’s a rare occasion or I'm being told to just enjoy the moment. That's not to say that I can't let go of my phone, it's just that I've come into a routine that's hard to break. That and I work a lot. Forget makeup routine, here's how my daily morning routine is with my phone.

Wake up
Check Snapchat Cosmo
Instagram scroll through
Facebook scroll through

Elite Daily article scroll through
Today's feature - What Saying 'I Love You' Means at Every Stage in Your Relationship -

Get out of bed
Turn on Spotify shuffle

Wash face
Brush teeth, Checking Temptu emails

Turn on Glamcor Brilliant mirror, checking personal emails

Do my eye makeup,
Airbrush face, checking makeup business emails

Throw my hair up, in a ponytail, bun or out of my face.

Get dressed, checking blog business emails.

At this point my son wakes up and that's when I put my phone to charge up after so much morning activity. Once he's dressed and ready, phone is in my hand and we're walking out to take the train to daycare. After drop off, it's back on the phone setting up Spotify while walking to the train to head to work.

I scroll through Elite Daily again pulling up at least a few articles in my Web browser tab so I have a couple things to read on the ride to work. After this, my mind is so wired and the music is just right, that I can prep for a blog post. I'm on my phone notes writing up ideas or paragraphs to add to a later post. It's the few times I have to myself and the best time to write.

Out of the train, I'm pulling up my Starbucks card on the phone ready to scan and then walking to work with a belly full and a busy head.  Once entering Temptu, phone is back on the charger and headphone jack goes into my speakers on the desktop to set up Pandora.

I won't lie and say I'm not occasionally checking my phone during the day, more so when I'm in meetings as I'm usually pulling up emails for reference or responding to work emails. After my morning routine, I'm content enough not to go through social media sites and keep the focus on work.

When I say this is my morning every day, I mean it. Are you stuck on your phone? Do you have your own routine? Comment below

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