Tough Mudder Half 2017

I am so excited to share my Tough Mudder experience this weekend. Amanda and I had decided to sign up for Tough Mudder a month after we had completed our Ice Climbing Trip, we really wanted to push ourselves and stumbled upon Tough Mudder. Since we had never done something like this before, we picked Tough Mudder Half for our first experience. Tough Mudder Half is a 5+ mile fun filled 13 obstacle course that not only challenges you but focuses on team work to complete the course.

Of course, me being the way I am, I decided to go hard at the gym for the next couple months before our show time, July 23rd and also got a pair of Tough Mudder sneakers to really get in the right mindset. I had no idea what to expect, there is only so much google searches you can do but I will tell you this, it was SO MUCH FUN! As much as I am limping, rolling out of bed, and covered in bruises I will totally do it again. My plan is actually to sign up for Tough Mudder 10 Mile course as well as Spartan Race so I have a full year to get my body and mind ready.                                                                

See below some photos from the event as well as a video recorded on my Go Pro Hero Session. I didn’t record the entire race as I had only a 16 GB memory card but I was able to get footage of most of the obstacles we participated in!

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